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3 Annoying Garage Door Issues You Can Do Something About

White Automatic Garage Door
You want to ensure your garage door is safe and working properly. Maintain a safe garage door by tending to any annoying issues that arise. Here are three common garage door annoyances and the actions you can do to put an end to them.
1. Quiet Down a Loud Garage Door
A loud garage door can be a nuisance for anyone within earshot, especially those who may still be sleeping when you open and close it.
Normal usage of the garage door can cause the nuts to become loose over time. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the nuts along the door and track. Hand tighten the nuts without over tightening them, or they can snap or become stripped.
If your garage door has old metal rollers, they can make a good amount of noise as they move along the tracks. The rollers that appear misshapen or worn are going to be the noisiest ones.
A way to ensure you don't run into this same problem later is to replace metal rollers with nylon rollers, which are known for being quieter.
2. Weatherproof Your Garage Door
If you spend a lot of time in your garage you want to be comfortable in there year-round. The garage door invites a big source of heat or chill from outside, making your garage an uncomfortable temperature.   
If you have an old garage door that doesn't fit right, consider replacing it with a new one that fits and has already been insulated for you. If your door fits fine, having it insulated can make a big difference. 
Close the garage door and look along the bottom, sides, and top from the exterior. Verify there are no issues with the weatherstripping. Feel the stripping to make sure it doesn't feel brittle or as if it's about to crumble.
If any of the stripping is old, cracked, or missing then a lot of air can seep into the garage from the affected areas. Replacing this weatherstripping will help you maintain more comfortable temperatures year-round.
If you have windows in your garage door, make sure the weatherstripping around each window is in good condition. Consider replacing single-paned windows with dual-paned ones if you live in a region with extreme temperatures.
3. Get Your Garage Door to Shut Every Time
If your garage door seems to have a mind of its own when you try to shut it, you may be dealing with a simple fix you can take care of on the spot.
A garage door with an automatic opener functions with the use of sensors, also referred to as "eyes". These sensors are located near the ground on both sides of the garage entrance.
The sensors are there as safety precautions and won't allow the garage door to shut when there is something between them. This safety measure prevents the door from coming down on people, pets, or items.
If the sensors get moved so they are no longer pointing directly at each other, it can prevent the door from closing. Also, if the sensors are dirty or something is on the garage floor between the sensors, the door won't close.
Realign the sensors to ensure they are aimed at one another, keep them dusted off, and remove everything on the ground between them. Even a small piece of debris can prevent the garage door from closing if the debris is between the sensors.
If you need help with your garage door, or you have decided it is time for a new one, contact Chapman's Garage Doors, Inc. We're more than happy to help you with all your garage door needs.