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Clear Signs It's Time For An Updated Garage Door Opener

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Just because something is functional, this doesn't mean it's working efficiently. When it comes to your garage door opener system, just because you can still open and close your garage door without any hiccups doesn't mean that the system is both functional and efficient.
If you've lived in your home for some time and have had the same opener system, learn some of the reasons why now might be a great time to update the system. 
Safety is paramount when operating a garage door. However, people are injured every year by these large pieces of equipment. To minimize injury and improve safety, in 1993 the US. Consumer Product Safety Commission enacted a rule that required garage doors to be equipped with a reversing feature.
The reversing function is designed to detect the presence of an object in the path of the door while it's closing. Once the object is detected, the reversing feature automatically activates, prevents the door from closing, and sends it back into the open position.
If your system was installed before 1993, it's likely that it does not have this feature and is posing a safety hazard for your entire family. 
Battery Backup
The weather in Corpus Christi can be unpredictable at times, ranging from powerful thunderstorms to hurricanes, and many adverse weather situations can completely wipe the power out. If you have an older garage door opener, a power outage means that the system will not function.
While you can activate the manual lever, this can be a physically taxing process, and if the door is very old the gear may not work. An updated opener helps you avoid either scenario since newer systems come equipped with battery backups that keep the opener functional, even when the power is out. 
You might not think about your garage door being a security hazard, but it is. A number of thieves gain entry into a home right through the garage door. While you might think the burglar is physically lifting the door to get inside, what they are really doing is actually quite a bit easier. Older doors use a fixed code system that transmits the same code to open the door each time.
A sophisticated criminal can hack the opener, access the code and open the door in mere seconds. If you have an older system you are vulnerable to this attack. Newer, sophisticated opener systems have a built-in feature, known as rolling codes, that generates a new opener code each time the door is opened, which makes your door hack-proof and more secure.  
Operating your garage door opener should be an easy action, but if you're operating an older unit, you likely don't have this experience. New opener systems are equipped with all sorts of features that can improve the security of your door, and its overall operation.
For example, some new systems are app-enabled, which allows you to open, close and monitor the door whether you're in the home or thousands of miles away. There are also systems that have biometric keypads you can install outside the door to operate it with a simple scan of your finger.
If you have younger children in your home, this is a safe way to let them enter the house without fear of them losing the garage code or a door key. 
Is it time to replace your opener? If your conclusion is yes, don't ignore this issue. A new opener will improve the efficiency, functionality and even the level of security at which your door operates. For concerns about your door opener, Chapman's Garage Doors, Inc. is here to help. From new opener installation to door repairs, we can handle all your garage door needs.