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Hurricane-Resistant Doors in Corpus Christi

In Corpus Christi and the surrounding area, inclement weather is expected, but hurricanes coming in off the Gulf are often the biggest weather threat. Unfortunately, many Corpus Christi residents find that the garage doors on their homes and businesses aren’t able to stand up to the tremendous strength brought forth by hurricanes, leading to damaged property, flooding and even injuries. At Chapman’s Garage Doors, we provide hurricane-resistant (TDI Certified, TDI Listed, and WPI-8), wind-loaded garage doors to protect our customers and their property.

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How Hurricane-Proof Garage Doors Protect Your Home

During a hurricane, intense wind speeds can not only lead to wear on exterior surfaces, such as your garage, but they can also cause debris to go flying through the air with incredible speed and force. When these elements combine, you may be facing dents, tears and a completely demolished garage door if you rely on traditional materials.
The hurricane-resistant garage doors from Chapman’s are designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, meaning you and your home or business can remain protected from property damage, injury or floods

Our Hurricane Garage Doors Are WPI-8 Certified

Corpus Christi residents know the potential dangers that come with living near the Gulf, and as a result, responsible homeowners who want to ensure the safety of their investments need to look for a WPI-8 windstorm certificate when purchasing or contracting with a builder for a new home.
Chapman’s is WPI-8 Certified to provide hurricane-resistant garage doors to Corpus Christi residents. This means that not only will you enjoy greater protection in the event of a hurricane coming in off the Gulf, but you can also have peace of mind in knowing that your possessions will be protected if any damage occurs as a result of a major weather event. Additionally, due to our WPI-8 Certification status, we can promise you that our hurricane-proof garage doors.

Local Hurricane Door Specialists

While we also offer durable options like steel garage doors, we specialize in hurricane garage doors because our team understands the unique nature of Corpus Christi – after all, our technicians work and live here too. You can rely on our experts whenever you need hurricane garage doors for your home or business because we know what you’re up against.
Don’t get caught without hurricane-resistant garage doors in Corpus Christi. Contact Chapman’s Garage Doors by calling 361-852-7236.